To us, chairs are not difficult, but they certainly are intriguing. So are cabinets, tables and desks. Whether made by Chippendale, Philip Johnson or an anonymous carver working in the Middle Ages, every object designed or made by human hands has a story to tell. At Period Furniture Conservation, we help objects tell their stories clearly and for generations to come. Our work sustains the structural stability, historical faithfulness and aesthetic appeal of furniture and objects. Our approach combines ethical practice, modern scientific methods and old-world craftsmanship to preserve the value, integrity and useful life of furniture or object.

Museums, auction houses, collectors, fine arts advisors, dealers, designers and architects rely on our expertise to conserve and maintain objects ranging from the 14th through the 21st centuries. Confidentiality is assured. Contact us for a consultation — onsite or in our studio.

Yuri Yanchyshyn — Studio Head
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